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10 Things to Do in December in Dubai

10 Things to Do in December in Dubai

Celebrate winter in the most memorable way in UAE’s Dubai. The City of Gold turns into a fairytale scenery during winter obviously to welcome the New Year. Besides, the ideal weather, striking events, and festivities- everything makes Dubai the best winter holiday destination. Moreover, the city ushers into pleasant weather after long months of sultry heat and unpleasant weather.

Plan a winter vacation in Dubai if you want to try something different in the New Year. The holiday season turns exquisitely beautiful during the winter months. Therefore, you can understand the extravagance the city will make you feel. However, traveling to Dubai in December means you have to deal with increased airfare and accommodation. Hence, you must book everything in advance to avoid last minute rush.

Nevertheless, here is a list of the things to do in Dubai in December.

  1. New Year Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise is already a fun activity to try in the heart of Dubai. The cruise will sail on the Arabian Gulf while you enjoy the charismatic backdrop of the city. On top of that, the city decks up with all that glamorous look and vibe. Hence, you will be able to enjoy a festive view of the cityscape. Furthermore, the fun gets doubled with delicious food and complimentary snacks and drinks which will be served during the New Year party on Dhow cruise. Enjoy live performances and music while you taste a delicious dinner. Wait until midnight to enjoy a spectacular firework on the Dubai skyline as you enjoy complimentary fruit champagne and a New Year special cake.

  1. Enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is renowned for luxury shopping, and New Year’s Eve allows you to loot the outlets. Dubai Shopping Festival is the year’s biggest shopping carnival, where you get great discounts across every category. The 2023 shopping festival will start around 15th December. Furthermore, you can also participate in various competitions and win attractive prizes. Do you know that the Dubai Shopping Festival won Guinness World Records due to its grandeur, offers, and amazing events? Hence, you can book tickets to Dubai to buy your favorite items on this special Eve to satiate your shopping spree soul.

  1. Overnight Desert Safari

Pleasant weather is ideal for going on desert safari rides. Hence, if you are planning for it, save yourself and travel to Dubai in December. It is the perfect time to explore the golden landmass that defines the city. Moreover, it becomes easy to participate in thrilling activities, like camel rides, sandboarding, falconry performance, etc. However, you must book overnight desert safari Dubai packages to make the most of this activity. Get the opportunity to spend a night amidst the mystical Dubai desert. The most exciting part of the activity is enjoying live performances, like belly dancing and Tanoura dance performance while sitting under the night sky. Finally, you can enjoy stargazing and midnight fireworks (only on New Year), which is an unforgettable memory of desert safari.

  1. New Year fireworks from Burj Khalifa

The classic way of celebrating New Year in Dubai is by enjoying fireworks. We know that Burj Khalifa is the crown jewel of Dubai and attracts millions of tourists every year. Although it is a tourist hotspot, the crowd doubles during New Year’s to watch the spectacular fireworks. Moreover, it is the most important event in the city. Burj Khalifa is near Downtown Dubai next to Dubai Mall, and the area gets busy during New Year’s Eve. All you have to do is find a suitable spot nearby to sit and enjoy the view. No, you don’t have to book separate tickets to enjoy this experience.

  1. Dubai Marina Yacht tour

Tighten your belts to explore the Dubai jewels most classically. Sailing in luxurious yachts is undoubtedly one of the best experiences. A Marina yacht tour is ideal to book during December to party with your family or friends. You will legit feel like a celebrity while a 65 feet deluxe boat floats in the clear Marina waters. Furthermore, the yachts are spacious and have a massive lounge area.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden

We bet you won’t have seen a miraculous flower garden before, like Dubai Miracle Garden. Inaugurated in 2003, this garden is the largest in the world. The vibrant colors and artwork made out of flowers are praiseworthy. Furthermore, the garden features over 50 million flowers and 250 million varieties of plants. Hence, it attracts hundreds of families and kids. The weather remains pleasant during December, so it becomes easy to explore.

  1. Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Have fun in the heart of Dubai City with the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. Board a traditional boat and sail near the fountain to witness an astounding view of shimmering lights and groovy music. Watch how the fountain shows a mystical choreography, as dusk comes over. The melodious music and the unbelievable symphony are truly magical.

  1. Spend the Christmas Eve at Ski Dubai

Snow and winter are a chilly combination. However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with fun. Hence, you must book tickets to Ski Dubai. It is an indoor ice-themed park and is a magical escape if you want to avoid the Christmas crowd. You will find a 40 feet tall Christmas tree that turns real with lights and decorations. Besides, you must participate in some exciting games to enjoy the Christmas vibe. Furthermore, you can make a snowman or meet Santa.

  1. Escape to Hatta Mountains

A few hours away from the city, Hatta Mountain is an off-beat destination perfect to cherish the winter vibes. The weather remains pleasant to enjoy the thrilling activities. Besides, trekking and mountaineering are best enjoyed in winter. You can indulge in other activities like biking, kayaking, etc.

  1. Fireworks at Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is yet another spot to enjoy stunning fireworks in the city. Book a table at the Atlantis to drink every drop of fun and enjoyment. While you enjoy New Year’s dinner, watch the spectacular fireworks begin in Palm Jumeirah as midnight strikes.

Final words

Dubai is no short of a fun wonderland. This Arab metropolis is a paradise of every exciting activity you can think of, but the experience heightens in winter. Hence, plan and spend your winter vacation in Dubai and join the winter madness.

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