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Adventure Rides

Top 10 Adventure Rides to Try in Dubai

List of 10 best adventure rides in Dubai: The magnificent city of Dubai is a paradise for travelers. Its wondrous beaches, massive skyscrapers & shopping malls, beautiful beaches, and awe-inspiring theme parks work like magnets, pulling tourists by the millions to it from every corner of the globe, throughout the year.

While Dubai has some attractions in store for any & every tourist type, adventure ride enthusiasts have more than their fill in Dubai. a large number of adventure ride facilities are available here that put to test the participants’ physical & mental toughness. Though the sports vary in the degree of the challenge they offer, one thing is unanimous – they all provide loads of thrills & chills.

Top 10 Adventure Rides to Try in Dubai

Here are the top 10 adventure rides to try in Dubai

1. Hot Air Balloon

Believe it or not but riding the hot air balloon is a thrilling & enjoyable way to explore Dubai. From several hundred feet up in the sky a hot air balloon, enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai landmarks like Burj Khalifa to Burj Al Arab. Feel like a bird up among the clouds as the beautiful city of Dubai lies under you.

2. Helicopter Ride

Feel yourself to be part of a James Bond-style action movie as you go for an adventurous helicopter ride above Dubai. Not only the helicopter tour of Dubai adventurous, but it is also one of the most wonderful ways to check out – and marvel at – Dubai’s amazing architecture. The fascinating Dubai skyline offers a different level of exploration opportunity from up above in a helicopter. Fly over the bustling downtown Dubai, the dreamland-style Atlantis complex, and the jaw-dropping Palm Jumeirah, among other marvels.

3. Dinner in the Sky

This is a thrill at a new height – quite literally! A delectable 3-course meal would be served to you at a height of 50 meters from the ground – while you are suspended on a specially-built crane. Take in 360-degree views of the magnificent city and its icons like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, and the Dubai Marina. For almost 90 minutes, you would taste the awesome meal amongst the clouds, while taking in the breathtaking views. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Skydiving

Considered to be among the most challenging adventure sports, skydiving is a top attraction for its connoisseurs in Dubai. Fly up to 13,000 ft in a plane and do a freefall from there. Feel your pulse pounding with excitement and your heartbeats getting faster as you hurtle down towards land at speeds of over 200 kmph. The magnificent views of Dubai and the sea below will cast a spell over you. Soak in the sights as you go down.

5. Deep Diving

At 60 meters, the pool at Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest (as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records). This activity promises high doses of thrills as you explore a recreated underwater city – something like the mythical Atlantis. The oyster-shaped pool is a perfect place for some cool excitement underwater. Follow up the dive with some lip-smacking food at the restaurant on site.

6. Jebel Jais Zipline

Welcome to Jais Flight – the world’s longest zipline, located in Ras Al Khaimah, next to Dubai. Situated on top of the cloud-kissing Jebel Jais peak, the zipline is at an altitude of almost 1700 meters and has a length of close to 3 km! Yes, you heard it right. Attached to the zipline with a harness, you would be soaring across jagged peaks, deep ravines, and canyons at hair-raising speeds between 120 & 150 mph. The Jebel Jais ras al Khaimah zip line is pure adrenaline-pumping action that is supplemented by breathtaking views of the Jebel Mountains. The 3 minutes zipline activity would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be overtaken by many in terms of chills & thrills.

7. Dune Bashing

This is a perfect adventure sport that can be enjoyed alone or with family. Hop into a sturdy SUV that will zoom up and hurtle down sand dunes at breakneck speeds. With lot of jerks & tumble-tossing, this is going to be one bumpy ride – but with loads of fun. Don’t worry about safety as the vehicles are driven by experts who have years of experience & undergo the most rigorous training before they get in the driver’s seat.

8. Bungee Jumping

Dubai is the proud holder of the Bungee Jump World Record that was set in 2014. This extreme adventure sport has many takers in Dubai. You would need to be at the peak of fitness and mental strength. And your courage would be rewarded with unlimited thrill elements as you swoop down from a height of 50 meters. Dubai Gravity Zone is where you can experience this thrilling sport.

9. Shark Diving

Get up close with these fearsome predators of the deep at the underwater aquarium at Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall. This is a favorite destination for adventure junkies. You would go underwater in the security of a sturdy cage and come within touching distance of the sharks. Other marine species – in fact, quite a lot of them – are also to be seen here during your diving activities. If you want, you can also take a short lesson in scuba diving from the experienced instructors here.

10. Microlighting

Get on the Ultralight – a lightweight fixed-wing small aircraft that will be a one-seater or two-seater. Go for a 15-minute flying trip over deserts & mountains but at low heights. This would enable you to admire the beauty of the rugged landscape while flying like a bird above it. This true-blue adventure sports activity is something that definitely should not be missed.

Final Word

There are numerous adventure tours available in UAE, all you need is to get the courage to experience such thrilling tours. In case you know any other adventures tours then do let us know.

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