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Khorfakkan Beach

Khorfakkan Beach

Everything you wanted to know about Khorfakkan Beach from the best things to do to how to reach it. The country of UAE is filled with various natural attractions that never cease to amaze the hordes of global tourists who flock to this country every year. While the megalopolises of Dubai & Abu Dhabi promise an array of urban entertainment, you need to step out into the countryside to explore multiple fascinating sights & sounds.

Pristine beaches dot the entire country, creating paragons of beauty for tourists. With their crystal clear waters and shining beaches, they are highly captivating. And one of the most well-known beaches in the country is Khorfakkan Beach, located in the emirate of Fujairah.

Khorfakkan lies along the Gulf of Oman, on the eastern coast of the UAE. The thriving coral reef near the beach – an object of consistent conservation efforts by the government – is among the major attractions here.

But there is more to Khorfakkan Beach than just the coral reef. Want to know more? Then read on to know everything that you wanted to know about Khorfakkan Beach.

Things to Do in Khorfakkan Beach

Water Sports

The sea off the beach is full of various small islands. These, and the associated marine system, make this area a haven for divers, snorkelers, and other water sports enthusiasts. You can rent a boat and head out to these islands. There are several highly attractive locations for indulging in such sports here. Let us take through some of these.

  • Dibba Island

This island is renowned for its thriving marine ecosystem. The waters here are not very deep. But they are home to diverse marine species like clownfish, turtles, batfish, jawfish, and many more. Many varieties of corals can also be seen here that brighten up the underwater locales.

  • Coral Gardens

Certain types of sharks & crocodile fish have made this island their home. This presents a perfect photo opportunity as the beautiful fish – and the even more beautiful sights here – would never cease to wow you. Let your underwater camera do its job – click away to glory & soak in the beautiful sights here!

  • Shark Island

Don’t let the name scare you! This is not the place where the famed “Jaws” was shot. In fact, no shark attacks have been reported here in the last 5 decades. The island owes its name to the blacktip reef sharks that flock to this island. Fortunately, they are not aggressive and would only look at you from a distance while you are snorkeling.

However, you would get up close with several other marine life forms like turtles a variety of sea fish. The visible seabed is also a key attraction here for diving enthusiasts. The rocky seabed is home to angelfish, rays, and eels. A most rewarding experience, for sure!

  • Car Cemetery

This is another highly attractive site for diving enthusiasts. At depths of 16-18 meters, 50-60 cars have been submerged, intentionally, by the government to create safe habitats for various marine animal species. Sea horses, sea anemones, and sting rays are just a few of them. These animals present fantastic photo opportunities, so make the most of this visit.

  • Anemone Gardens

At depths of close to 20 meters, lies a very popular snorkeling spot – the Anemone Gardens. It’s a riot of colors here as the anemones create a most beautiful site. You would be welcomed by seahorses, jacks, and small barracudas. Enjoy the time spent here – but please be sure to not cause any harm to the fragile ecosystem here.


This thrilling adventure sport has many takers in Khorfakkan Beach. Get a bird’s eye view of the brilliant sea stretching into the horizon. Feel the breeze sweep past you as you get towed out further into the sea. It is an adrenaline rush, while also promising loads of fun for young & old alike.

Timings for Parasailing at Khorfakkan Beach

Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Playgrounds for Kids

The kid/s traveling with you would have their own share of fun at the various playgrounds that have been built here for them. Surrounded by palm trees, these grounds present opportunities to kids to practice their football & cricketing skills, among others. The kids would have loads of fun while you can indulge in swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Visit the Amphitheatre & Waterfall

Near to the beach, at the foot of the Al Sayed Mountain, there is a huge amphitheater that has been built as per ancient Roman buildings. With an area of close to 200,000 square feet, the amphitheater is a nice & cool place to spend some time after all the hectic activity at the beach. Entry fee is AED 50 per head.

The manmade waterfall here, with a height of over 40 meters, is another much-viewed attraction here. There is a trendy café near the waterfall where you can enjoy steaming cups of coffee and some hot snacks while admiring the beauty of the waterfall.

How to Reach Khorfakkan Beach from Dubai?

By car – this is the most convenient – and time-efficient – way to reach Khorfakkan from Dubai. You can take a car/cab on hire or book a self-driven car. The distance is almost 160 km. It would take you 2-2.5 hours from Dubai.

By metro/bus – take the Green Line Dubai Metro to reach Al Fahidi station. From here, hop on to a bus for Khorfakkan that6 would take you through the emirate of Fujairah. From Fujairah, you would need to book a cab to reach Khorfakkan Beach.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Visiting Khorfakkan Beach

  • Be sure to carry sunscreen/sunblock cream, sunglasses, and other beach equipment with you
  • Carry your valid passport & visa
  • Do listen carefully to the instructors before indulging in marine or other adventure sports. Please do not try to perform any stunts.
  • While filming the sting rays, be sure to stay away from them as their sting can be quite painful
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