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11 Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend

11 Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend

Dubai is a fantastic destination to visit with friends and family and enjoy a soothing trip to the surrounding area. Countless pristine landscapes can be checked around the destination, including desert zones, lush green vegetative patches, serene sea beaches, and even captivating oases around the vast destination. Visitors coming to Dubai can cherish their weekends along the location and immerse themselves in the lavish affairs conducted around the premises.

Let us look down below at the 11 most important activities to participate in this coming weekend in Dubai.

11 Best Activities to enjoy in Dubai during the Weekends

Countless activities and fascinating locations can be checked around Dubai during the weekends, and the top 11 are projected below for the reader’s understanding.

1. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride


Visitors looking to spend their weekends comfortably around Dubai can opt for the Sunrise Hot Air Balloon rides in Dubai early in the morning. The ride takes guests to an elevation of 4,000 meters in the sky, with vivid views of the surrounding skyline along with the awesome wildlife to spot from the top. Couples and partners can enjoy their dates along the hot air balloon rides while cherishing quality time with each other.

2. Visit Love Lake

Another important destination to spend the weekends in Dubai is the Love Lake location in the Al Qudra region. The place is artificially developed and looks like two interlinked hearts with a water area in between. Visitors can spend their time engaging in picnic and BBQ sessions here while admiring the pleasant sights of the marvelous flora and fauna around. Jogging, strolling, and cycling tracks can also be checked around the Love Lake location here in Dubai.

3. Hatta Mountain Tour

The Hatta Mountain Tour is another pleasant activity to cherish around Dubai and witness the marvelous glimpse of nature around. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the mountain passes and trails and engaging in camping activities across the location. The Hatta Dam can also be visited around the destination, where guests and visitors can enjoy kayaking and boat rides along the way. Various avian species, along with small mountain animals, can be spotted across the Hatta Mountain destination.

4. Oman Khasab Tour

The Oman Khasab tour is another elegant activity to pursue during the weekends across the Dubai destination. Visitors can avail of the lavish dhow cruises and set sail across the azure blue waters of the Musandam Dibba. Visitors can spot fishing farms and uncharted islands along with mountainous terrain and rocky caves on the Oman Khasab tour here. Guests can also opt to enjoy a lavish meal on these dhow cruises while spotting the playful dolphins around in the ocean area.

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5. Desert Safari Tour

Visitors looking to spend an engaging time at the Dubai location can participate in the thrilling Dubai desert safari tours across the destination. The tour starts early in the morning with an enthralling glimpse of the sunrise and sunset across the location. Visitors can opt for adventure rides like quad biking, dune buggy riding, and sandboarding along the desert zone around them. Bedouin tents and camps can be spotted across the desert, serving posh meals for visitors, along with entertainment options like Tanoura dance shows, belly dancing, and henna art shows at the location.

6. Dhow Cruise, Dubai Marina

Visitors opting to spend their grand weekends in style in Dubai can opt for the dhow cruises across the Dubai Marina region. Complimentary treats and drinks are offered to the esteemed customers, with arrangements for a lavish dinner buffet onboard the cruises. The cruises start off from the Dubai Marina location and set sail towards the Persian Gulf area around them. Guests can cherish the beautiful views of the Dubai skyline from the ocean area and enjoy the tranquil ambiance onboard the cruise ships.

7. Yas Island Tour

Visitors looking to enjoy their soothing time along the Dubai destination during weekends can simply travel to the Yas Island location in Abu Dhabi. Numerous water parks, theme parks, and serene seashores can be spotted across the destination for visitors to enjoy their time here. Various comedy events, along with magnanimous concerts, can be witnessed across the Yas Island location here. A Grand Prix circuit along with aquarium premises can also be checked out around the Yas Island tour in Abu Dhabi.

8. Private Yacht Cruise

The private yacht cruises are another sensational activity to engage in in Dubai with friend groups and families here. The lavish yachts are available for rent in small, midsize, and large sizes for the proper number of individuals to cherish onboard. Various outstanding dining meals are offered to the visitors, along with soothing and chilled beverages. Visitors can also enjoy partying and engaging in group activities onboard the yacht rentals in Dubai.

9. Bluewaters Island Tour

Another important tour to avail of along the Dubai premises is the trip to the Bluewaters Island location. Guests and visitors can spend their time along the 360-degree-revolving observation tower while cherishing the distinct sights of the Dubai skyline around them. The views from Ain Dubai are certainly majestic during the evenings, along with countless cafes and restaurants to enjoy a grand treat across the location.

10. Snorkeling adventures in Fujairah

The Fujairah location in the UAE is again a captivating destination to spend time and cherish snorkeling adventures along the way. Visitors and guests can check the colorful coral reefs below the sea bed and swim underwater with the turtle species around. Various multi-colored fish and aquatic animals can be checked around the destination while swimming around the diving zone here around the Fujairah location in the UAE.

11. Snoopy Island Tour

Snoopy Island in Abu Dhabi is a great destination for visitors to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving adventures across the location. The shape of the island resembles the cartoon character Snoopy sleeping on his back and is a great destination for water activities. Swimming, kayaking, and jet-ski rides are conducted around the region, along with fishing tours to participate in the destination here in Abu Dhabi.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the 11 captivating locations to spend the weekends around the Dubai location in the UAE. Visitors can opt to book their tours from reputed and registered tour agents in the vicinity or search for the top-notch ones over the internet for grand participation along the UAE premises.