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Top attractions in Dubai Desert

Top 11 Attractions and Activities in the Dubai Desert

Spending time in Dubai during the holidays is a great way to unwind and capture moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Individuals come to Dubai with their loved ones to immerse themselves in the luxury and entertainment, along with the fascinating landmarks and attractions to catch here. Among the most prominent tours conducted in Dubai, the Dubai desert safari tour is the one to look for. Various exhilarating activities can be concluded along the region here, with lavish dining courses to try at the beautiful private camps available within the desert.

The 10 most important activities and attractions of the Dubai desert are listed below for the audience to take a look at.

10 Popular Activities to conclude at the Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Visitors coming to Dubai during their holidays can enjoy the varied activities concluded around the vast desert terrain. The following 10 important activities are underlined below for the readers to check out and enjoy at the location here in Dubai.

1. Sunrise and Sunset views

Individuals coming to Dubai to enjoy their holidays can spend their time around the Dubai desert area and immerse themselves in the visual delights of the rising and setting sun of Dubai. The most popular tour conducted in this section is the sunrise desert safari, where tourists can experience the breathtaking beauty of the early sunrise. The sight is a glorious one to observe here, with the golden rays of the sun reflecting over the sandy terrain and producing an extraordinary golden hue around. Guests can surely enjoy this activity with their loved ones conducted along the Dubai desert safari here.

2. Dune Bashing Rides

Individuals opting to enjoy the vivid Dubai terrain and engage in thrilling activities can certainly participate in the dune-bashing rides conducted around the Dubai desert region here. Guests are strapped in a 4×4 and are made to rush over the huge sand dunes while bashing them on the way. It is an excellent activity for thrill seekers, and participants can also enjoy taking selfies and snapshots during the rides here along the Dubai desert terrain.

3. Hot Air Balloon

Another popular activity that one should try is the Hot air balloon ride. This tour mostly conducted during the early morning. Depending on the size of the hot air balloon, the maximum number of people for this tour could be 25.

4. Quad Biking Rides

Another important activity to engage in while spending time in the Dubai desert is the quad biking rides conducted here along the vast desert terrain. Individuals can enjoy the quad bike rides and explore the uncharted destinations around them while zooming through the vast sandy region here. The ride also helps with a boost of adrenaline while checking the various areas around the sandy terrain.

5. Sandboarding Activity

Individuals opting to enjoy the Dubai sand and sun in the desert can experience the captivating sandboarding activity concluded around the region. This activity involves participants strapping themselves to a sandboard, which is then rolled down huge sandy dunes along the desert terrain. The activity is pretty similar to the skiing challenges concluded in snowy regions, whereas this activity can be enjoyed around the desert terrain.

6. Dune Buggy Rides

The dune buggy rides are a great way to enjoy the Dubai desert region and spend time rolling and jumping over the colossal dunes here. The participants are provided proper safety gear and equipment before the start of the ride here, while I strap them over on the buggy rides for an exhilarating journey through the desert region here. Pregnant women and disabled individuals are restricted from participating in the ride here in the Dubai desert.

7. Sheesha Smoking with Henna Art Shows

Visitors coming for the luxurious Dubai desert safari can enjoy the Sheesha smoking activities conducted around the Dubai desert terrain here. Various distinct flavors are available for the guests to try, along with a henna make-over arts show conducted around to entertain the guests here. Enjoy the fascinating Henna designs and the techniques used to create the art while getting it done for yourself here. All these activities are concluded amid the vast desert terrain here in Dubai.

8. Lavish Dining Arrangement

Another important activity to cherish along the Dubai desert terrain is the lavish dining arrangements conducted for the guests and visitors here. Guests here are accompanied to posh private camps within the desert and immersed in a lavish dining arrangement with exotic beverages served to the customers around them. Guests here can also avail of the options of non-vegetarian and vegetarian variants for their food choices.

9. Camel Rides

Individuals can also enjoy the thrill of camel rides along the Dubai desert location here and explore the vivid desert regions around the place. Visitors can take a glance at the Bedouin life here, along with the exotic desert wildlife around. The camel rides are concluded at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which provides visitors with details of the vivid desert life here in Dubai.

10. BBQ Campfire Party

Individuals coming to the Dubai desert locale to enjoy the amazing activities around can immerse themselves in the BBQ campfire parties conducted along the desert region here. Visitors get a much more private ambiance to make merry and enjoy the lavish desert safari with BBQ dinner along with campfire party here with loved ones around. It is important to check with the tour operators about the availability of the BBQ sessions here for the guests to engage in.

11. Tanoura and Belly Dance shows

Individuals coming to the Dubai desert safari area to enjoy their time can spend time cherishing the Tanoura and Belly dancing shows conducted around the Dubai desert region here. Guests can be amazed at the wonderful dress designs of the Tanoura dancers and the wavy dance forms of the professional belly dancers around them. Delectable platters and fascinating beverages are also served during the show timings here in the Dubai desert.

Bottom Line

In the end, these are the top 10 activities to enjoy here in the Dubai desert region and spend quality time with friends and families around. Numerous operators and agencies can be checked around the Dubai region here, providing essential desert tour packages and facilities for guests and customers at affordable prices and deals.

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