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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

The Best Time to Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Looking for an exotic locale with all the wonderful amenities and attractions to catch while on location? Then Dubai is just for you. Dubai has all the great landmarks around the city, with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Dubai skyline in the distance. Various attractions and rides are also available to enjoy in Dubai, with many to be cherished as memories. Among the distinct rides available to engage in Dubai, the hot air balloon is one such ride that can enthrall you to your senses here. Let us look at the best times to avail of the hot air balloon ride with the general queries from tourists here.

Details of the Activity

Individuals opting for a hot air balloon trip need to look for the various agencies available in the city that conduct these rides for tourists. Guests are asked to reach the hotel lobby 10 minutes before the start of the activity. Pickups would be conducted from the respective hotels, and visitors would be dropped off around the activity site. Guests would be welcomed with a hot beverage upon arriving at the location. While enjoying the coffee, we can view the dramatic sightings of the colorful balloons being inflated using hot gas and air. Personnel around the place would then brief you about the safety conditions and the proper techniques to utilize while on the ride.

Each hot air balloon has a capacity of 20 individuals, with a few restrictions. Ride over the clouds at an elevation of 4,000 feet and view the enigmatic Dubai sunrise. Individuals can also check out the distinct wildlife and city spots from the top and enjoy the sightings. An e-certificate is awarded during the time of descent, with a lip-smacking breakfast to follow in a Bedouin-themed camp nearby. Guests and visitors can also partake in the camel rides and watch the Arabian Falcon while taking selfies with them.

The Timing of the Activity and the Best Season to Enjoy It

The hot air balloon ride is of 1-hour duration, but the entire tour can take up to 5 hours in total. The morning pickup starts around 3–4 a.m., and the drop at the respective hotels is concluded around 9 a.m. Individuals can check the tour details with the operators to schedule the activity accordingly. Individuals can opt for the ride during the soothing winter days here in Dubai. The New Year is also a good time to enjoy the event, with various activities being conducted at the venue for the guests to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How do I book a hot air balloon ride in Dubai?

Individuals can look for the various operators available around Dubai who manage these rides at different rates.

2. What are the proper timings of the ride?

The ride is of 1-hour duration, but the complete activity can take up to 5 hours.

3. What are the sights to view on a hot air balloon ride?

Visitors and tourists can get to view the stunning sight of the sunrise on the Dubai horizon along with the majestic landmarks around. Various wild animals, along with gazelles, camels, and oryx, can be viewed from the top here.

4. Where is the activity conducted in Dubai?

The activity is conducted across various places in the UAE, including the Al Hajar Mountains in Dubai and the Margham Desert in Sharjah.

5. Do we need to reach the venue by ourselves?

Pick-ups and drops are available from the hotel lobby, so there is no need to look for a way to reach the venue all by yourself.

Bottom Line

These are a few basic details and information regarding the hot air balloon ride, including the proper timing and season for enjoying the tour. Individuals can check out these rides with their families or even bring their partners with them for a hot air balloon ride here.

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