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Balloon Ride vs Sky Diving

Balloon Ride vs. Sky Diving

Both skydiving and hot air balloon rides are thrilling adventure affairs that let participants enjoy wonderful aerial affairs. The use of wicker baskets fitted with giant air balloons helps in a floating experience in the sky. Skydiving, conversely, makes participants drop from the aircraft and free-float to reach their final destination, deploying a parachute. Both […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai Desert

Here are 10 best things to do in Dubai Desert: Dubai is an outstanding destination to visit with families and friends while cherishing the desert activities along the cityscape. Visitors can engage in premium safari tours along the desert terrain and glance at the urban Bedouin lifestyle around the arid region here. Numerous scintillating activities […]

Best Weather Conditions to Fly Hot Air Balloons

Flying over hot air ballon is an entertaining activity of late, and many places host this activity to let guests enjoy the gorgeous views around them. But, to avail of a hot air balloon ride, it is important to check the weather conditions and the wind currents across the area. Hot air balloons fly well […]

Best things to do at Ras Al Khaimah

Best Things to do at Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah has all the four features, namely the mountains, desert, mangroves and also beaches. A creek divides the city into two halves, Al Nakheel in the east and Old Town in the west. You can do exquisite things at this place because of its varied features and umpteen opportunities. Following are the amazing […]

How to choose the best Hot Air Balloon Company in Dubai

How to Choose the Best Hot Air Balloon Company

Dubai is a land of entertaining activities, and what’s better than to opt for a hot-air balloon ride along the beautiful desert region? Hot air balloon rides have been a statement for tourists visiting Dubai and are pretty much known across the planet as well. But before participating in the hot-air balloon rides, it is […]

11 Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend

11 Things to Do in Dubai This Weekend

Dubai is a fantastic destination to visit with friends and family and enjoy a soothing trip to the surrounding area. Countless pristine landscapes can be checked around the destination, including desert zones, lush green vegetative patches, serene sea beaches, and even captivating oases around the vast destination. Visitors coming to Dubai can cherish their weekends […]

Things to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Things to Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Here are basic things to know before traveling to Dubai: This city is an amazing destination to soak up the luxury and beauty of the place here in the UAE. Visitors come to Dubai from across the globe to spend some cherished time with families or partners across the destination. But before traveling to Dubai, […]

Cool Ways to Explore Dubai with Your Friends and Family

Cool Ways to Explore Dubai with Your Friends and Family

Dotted with opulent landmarks and fascinating attractions, the glamorous city of Dubai is the ideal place to enjoy the holidays. Tourists and travelers from all over the world visit Dubai to taste the luxury lifestyle and the finest dining locations across the grand cityscape. The amazing water parks across the destination also portray a surreal […]

Dubai in August month

Dubai in August 2024 | Weather & Places to Visit

Imagine yourself coming to Dubai during your vacation and enjoying a relaxed and cherished time across the location. Visiting Dubai can certainly be an ecstatic activity for tourists, with fantastic landmarks and outstanding attractions to check out here. The month of August can be a splendid time for guests to enjoy the vibrant Dubai location and participate in the various captivating activities across the […]