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Is Hot Air Ballooning Dangerous

Is Hot Air Ballooning Dangerous?

Golden sands in the glistening deserts for miles on end. A futuristic megalopolis with skyscrapers that kiss the clouds. Mesmerizing views of the rising & setting sun across the horizon, casting deep shades of crimson across the landscapes.

All these sound enchanting, don’t they? And we are sure, the answer is an emphatic “yes.”

A hot air balloon ride over Dubai can make you experience all this, and much more. Soaring up into the clouds, sailing like a bird along the sky with the clouds for company, while admiring the stunning views below – a hot air ballooning activity in Dubai is indeed not to be missed.

What’s so Special About Hot Air Balloon?

Well, a lot. Viewing the enchanting desert panorama hundreds of feet below you as you are gently flying over it is an enthralling experience. From 1200 feet above the earth, be greeted with unmatched views of the surreal landscape below. And the cool breeze will be a welcome accompaniment if the ride is done in the morning.

But amidst all this enjoyment, a question seems to be pricking you.

Is Hot Air Ballooning Dangerous?

Well, it’s not just you but many others who feel this way. And before setting the records straight, let us inform you that almost all ballooning-related mishaps happen due to reasons like – pilot error caused by inexperienced pilots, flying in inclement weather owing to not bothering about weather forecasts, and crashing into powerlines.

Now, powerlines are a dime a dozen in the cities. But in the vast & uninhabited deserts? Well – nah, none.

Regarding the other two causes as mentioned above, you would get the answers if you care to read on just a wee bit more.

How do We Ensure Complete Safety for Our Passengers?

Air travel is the safest mode of transportation – far safer than roadways or railways. And balloons are very safe indeed. Nylon fabric is used to make the balloon envelope. The basket for the passengers & the pilot is connected to the envelope by ropes. The fuel used is propane. And the balloon inlet is fire-resistant.

We take our passengers’ safety very seriously. VERY SERIOUSLY. So, this is how we ensure this critical task.

  • Pilots with a wealth of experience

The primary criterion for pilot selection should ideally be the number of hours that they have flown. And our pilots have many thousands of flying hours behind them – and that too across countries. So, they are well aware of different flying conditions and what strategies to adopt accordingly.

  • Wearing safety belts

Just like you would do in case of traveling in an airplane, you must wear safety belts during takeoff & landing. While both these operations are carried on smoothly enough, a little extra caution never did any harm to anyone, did it?

  • Highly knowledgeable ground staff

It’s not our pilots who are experienced. Our ground staff is also extremely knowledgeable about ballooning. Be it setting up the balloon or takeoff/landing, the ground staff are adept at all operations. They effectively assist the pilots to conduct a seamless flight, thereby maximizing the enjoyment quotient for the passengers.

We are also certified by the highest concerned authority on the land and carry out rigorous maintenance activities that are strictly monitored by the authorities.

  • Complete attention to weather forecasts

Weather forecasts are our life support! Expert pilots are of the opinion that close to 80% of their flying is about getting the weather correct. Our ground staff and navigators are tuned in to the weather forecasts at all times, so that weather changes can be known in real-time and much ahead of the scheduled flying times.

Should any inclement weather be predicted, the flight would be rescheduled/canceled. Constant communication between the pilot & the ground crew ensures that no untoward weather-related incidents can catch us off-guard.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

  • Do pay heed to all the safety instructions that the pilot would spell out & don’t ignore them at any cost.
  • Get some sleep the previous night so that you are at the peak of your health during the ride.
  • Smoking & consumption of intoxicants during the flight is strictly prohibited.
  • Dress comfortably to facilitate easy boarding & deboarding. Carry some light woolens if you are flying in the morning as the air up there can be chilly.
  • The ride would be rife with click-worthy moments, so ensure your smartphone/camera is fully charged!

To conclude, hot air ballooning activity is among the safest travel modes in the world. We have a zero-compromise policy regarding our customers’ safety. You are in very safe hands once you are with us. So – just relax and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience with us!

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