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10 Best Places to Propose in Dubai

10 Best Places to Propose in Dubai

Proposing the love of your life is the ultimate bliss. A proposal is always a special moment as it binds you and your partner in long-term commitments. Moreover, asking your partner to marry you with a ring is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. However, why not make the moment more interesting by taking your partner to Dubai?

Next, you can choose a suitable place in the city and surprise them. Besides, special events happening in special places bring up intimate moments. As a result, these remain etched in your partner’s heart forever. Here are a few places in Dubai to plan a surprise proposal for your partner.

Burj Khalifa

Enclosed by breathtaking views, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly one of the iconic places in the city. Besides, the serene atmosphere almost 828 meters above the ground makes it a suitable place for proposing to your sweetheart. Burj Khalifa features 60 floors, which is truly astonishing. Furthermore, the SKY Lounge is ideal for a romantic proposal idea. You can go down on your knees holding the ring with the marvelous background views and celebrate your happiness. Therefore, go ahead, and surprise your favorite person standing inside Burj Khalifa’s upscale setting.

1. Hot Air Balloon

Dubai always welcomes its visitors with interesting activities, and a hot air balloon ride is a part of it. Due to this reason, the city became one of the worthy holiday destinations for many. Therefore, if you want to propose to your partner, nothing can be better than taking him or her on this ecstatic journey. As the ride rises in the sky, you can hold your partner’s hand and speak your heart out. Also, don’t forget to cherish the picturesque beauty of the never-ending golden dunes. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience amidst the panoramic desert view. Hence, your love confession will remain a sweet memory in both of your lives.

2. Helicopter Ride

The marvelous skyline of Dubai is praiseworthy and if you want to enjoy that, go on a helicopter ride. Moreover, it is also a great idea to surprise your partner during the activity. The helicopter will reach approximately 1000 meters above the sea. Therefore, you can enjoy a picture-perfect view of the cloud-piercing architecture, standing on the Arabian landscape. Propose to your partner as the copter flies near the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, Downtown Dubai, and other icons.

3. Dhow Cruise Dubai

Romantic dinners are always a great idea to surprise your love with something extraordinary. Hence, you can book a Dhow Cruise Dubai and plan a special evening for her. However, make sure to book the cruise on New Year for extra fun and enjoyment. By the end of dinner, as the clock strikes midnight, propose your partner while the fireworks begin. Watch how your small attempt sweeps her off her feet.

4. Burj Al Arab

The ‘Oh! So Gorgeous’ Burj Al Arab is one of the noteworthy architectures of Dubai. It is the world’s first 7-star hotel. If you are planning an ultra-luxurious wedding proposal, book a stay in this sparkling white hotel. Burj Al Arab hosts luxurious facilities for corporate meetings, weddings, and other events. Hence, if you think your partner will be bowled with such a grand gesture, look no further. Furthermore, you can book various packages they offer for arranging special events.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

Speak your heart in front of your partner amidst the vibrant setting of Dubai’s Miracle Garden. After all, what better it can be than confessing your feeling while praising the beauty and poise of nature? The Miracle Garden is home to thousands of imported flowers. A few artistic attractions here are the lake park, umbrella tunnel, floral villas, floral castle, etc. Plan a small day out with your partner, take him or her to the garden, and surprise them.

6. Desert Safari

Can anything be more romantic than proposing to the love of your life amidst the vastness of the Arabian desert? Moreover, it is a pretty unique and romantic idea. Desert is undoubtedly a great natural wonder; thus, making it an ideal setting to go down on your knees. Besides, if your partner love spending time in nature, you can never go wrong with this proposal idea. Hence, you can book private packages and instruct us on your special needs, we would recommend to go for evening desert safari in Dubai to make a romantic proposal.  Accordingly, we will decorate everything. Exotic wine, plush pillows, red carpet, and candles- we will make everything a dream-like experience.

7. Beach Proposal (JBR Beach)

Beach proposals are undoubtedly classic proposal ideas. While many believe it to be an outdated technique, it is not. Add bespoke arrangements such as a cute boho picnic setting, champagne, and a private gazebo on the JBR beach. As the waves kiss you and your partner’s feet, feel free to share your heart. Moreover, you can arrange a drone show to add some personalization.

8. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Away from the bustling surroundings of the city, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is the perfect space to spend some romantic time. Watch hundreds of unique marine species, like rays, tiger sharks, eels, turtles, etc. You can definitely arrange a private setting here for your partner for an hour. Make sure to book the lost chambers aquarium tickets in advance to avoid any waiting in queue. Alternatively, you can even go for an underwater proposal. It will surely be a magical moment for both of you.

9. Skydive Dubai

If you and your partner enjoy the adrenaline rush, go for Skydive Dubai. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest adventures to try in Dubai. Wear your parachutes and jump off the helicopter. As you go down, spell out the three spellbinding words to surprise your partner. Let her have the moment while drooling over the peaceful Dubai skyline.

Final Words

Every proposal is unique for the love birds. All you need is the right technique to make every moment special for him or her. Therefore, you can choose from any of these proposal ideas. However, if you have something special in your mind, you can surely customize an extraordinary setting. We will definitely help you in designing some out-of-the-world ideas to surprise your sweetheart.

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