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As we approach Valentine’s Day, you must be looking for a venue to celebrate the occasion that has your sweetheart absolutely floored. We bring you just such a venue where you can spend quality time with your dear one. How about hopping into a hot air balloon that takes you soaring across the skies above the Dubai Desert? The cozy basket of the hot air balloon is just the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or break the ice and propose to your special one in style.

Booking a private hot air balloon has the two of you in an intimate basket making it the perfect place to feel close to each other. Love is in the air as the two of you hold hands and float above the Dubai Desert taking in spectacular views of the gorgeous sunrise in the horizon. You may choose to have a photographer accompanying you to capture the special moments forever so that they stay as mementos of a wonderful day you spent with your sweetheart. You may also take along a falconer who’ll be more than happy to entertain you with an enthralling Falcon show.

Things aren’t over after you have landed. Dig into a lavish private breakfast served for just the two of you by a beautiful oasis. This is followed by a drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve that showcases the desert’s flora and fauna. A ride on a private hot air balloon is sure to impress your sweetheart immensely. It’s ideal for spending a romantic day out with the special person in your life. If you have recently had a tiff with your sweetheart, a ride on the hot air balloon is sure to help the two of you mend fences with each other. Come, book a ride on a hot air balloon to show how much you love your dear one.

Private Hot Air Balloon Itinerary

Hop into a Luxurious Range Rover to Reach the Take-Off Site: Even before the sun has started to spread its light to usher in a new day, you receive a wakeup call. The excitement begins as the two of you are picked up in a stylish Range Rover for a ride to the balloon’s take-off site in the lap of luxury. It takes only around 45 minutes to reach the take-off site from Dubai.

Taking-Off for the Ride in the Desert

You are received warmly by the pilot of your hot air balloon. After taking you and your sweetheart through a brief but thorough safety briefing, the process of inflating the balloon is initiated by the pilot. After just a little while, it’s time to climb into the balloon’s basket. The balloon rises into the sky gently while the ground crew waves at you cheerfully.

Riding on the Hot Air Balloon and Watching the Falcon Show

The hot air balloon rises gradually into the sky to reach a height of 4,000 feet. Take in lovely views of the vast desert down below and admire the beauty of majestic and tall camels striding through the desert. You may also get to spot an oryx or two. The sun rising beyond the magnificent Hajar Mountains spreading its golden glow across the sand dunes is a sight to behold. Enjoy spectacular views of the vast desert from the basket of your hot air balloon with your sweetheart. Watch a majestic Falcon spread its wings and take flight during a private Falcon show. Your special one is sure to love it.

Enjoy a Lavish Gourmet Breakfast

After you have landed, you’ll find your private Range Rover waiting to pick you up. You are taken to a beautiful oasis with shimmering water and you settle down by its shore to enjoy a hearty breakfast with your lovely sweetheart. You’ll love your special one talking about the wonderful hot air balloon ride excitedly. Brace yourselves for a thrilling drive through the Dubai Conservation Centre with a lavish breakfast including cold meats, smoked salmons, eggs, a selection of breads, a platter of fresh fruits, and excellent caviar.

Thrilling Drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre

After enjoying the filling breakfast, it’s time to go on a one-hour drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre taking in the amazing scenic beauty. Your sleek and luxurious Range Rover takes you and your sweetheart to a calm lake that’s also a bird sanctuary. You and your dear one shall also be taken on a visit to the Ghaf Tree Forest where you’ll spot oryxes and gazelles.

It’s now time to bid goodbye to your wonderful hosts. We are sure you’ll keep thinking fondly about the lovely experience you had with your sweetheart. It’s time to hold hands and reminisce about the beautiful day the two of you just had.


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