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Al hajar mountains

Al Hajar Mountains

Situated on the borders of the UAE and Oman, the Hajar Mountains is known for its imperial summits, incredible rock formations, and sand dunes. In case you have the opportunity of visiting the Arabian Peninsula, the Hajar Mountain range will be at the top of your list of main points of interest right here. This mountain range is likewise referred to as the Oman Mountains which covers a length of 700 km.

Al Hajar Mountains Highlights

  • In case you happen to be an adventurous person and like to indulge in hiking and climbing then this mountain range will be appropriate for you.
  • Besides hiking, it will likewise be a good idea to visit Al-Ayn, Al-Khutum, Bat, and other places.
  • Make sure to bring along with you some blankets and warm garments since there can be a significant fall in temperature in this particular area.
  • It’ll be possible to reach Al Hajar Mountains from Dubai by making a journey of only a few hours.
  • It is advisable for the campers to avoid camping in the cultivated areas since they might be exposed to some serious threats right here.
  • Although situated mostly in Oman, this mountain range has also a presence in the eastern part of the UAE.
  • On most occasions, this mountain range experiences cloudy weather conditions with the temperature even dropping below 0°C during the cold winter months. On the other hand, the temperature remains somewhere between 17°C and 31°C during summer.
  • You will come across some popular resorts close to the mountain range such as Rixos Bab Al Bahr, JA Hatta Fort Hotel, etc.

Geographical Sections

It is possible to classify the Al Hajar Mountains geographically in the subsequent sections:

  • Eastern Hajar – Being likewise referred to as Al-Ḥajar Ash-Sharqī, the location of this section is quite close to Sur, a city located in Oman.
  • Central Hajar – This is the central section of the aforesaid mountain range featuring Jebel Akhdar and Jebel Shams Mountains situated in Oman.
  • Western Hajar Mountains – In general, this particular section of the Al Hajar Mountains refers to Samail’s Western mountainous region. However, we often consider them to be a portion of Western Hajar due to the fact that JabalAkhdar is situated nearby.
  • North-Western Hajar – The highest summit in the UAE known as Jebel Jais is situated in this section of the Al Hajar Mountains. Having an altitude of 1,934 m it is visited by numerous tourists throughout the year.

Things to do at Al Hajar Mountains

  1. Trekking along the mountains

It is a fact that most tourists visit the Al Hajar Mountains every year for the purpose of trekking. It’ll be a fantastic idea to enjoy the company of your near and dear ones as well as the enchanting views while hiking along the mountains mentioned here.

  1. Discover different types of animals andvegetation

You will come across various types of animals and vegetation right here in the mountains. For example, you might be able to spot Arabian Caracals (a wild cat species) along with fig, pomegranate, and olive trees.

  1. Indulge in camping activities

If you like to have a good time in the aforementioned Hajar Mountains, it will be advisable for you to indulge in camping activities. Make sure to enjoy yourself by setting up a tent and preparing your food. Spice up your camping experience by playing some interesting games or simply going for a stroll at night.

Points of interest at Al Hajar Mountains

  1. Jebel Jais

As already mentioned, Jebel Jais, the highest summit in the entire UAE is situated in the northwestern part of the Hajar Mountains. It is a fact that many tourists flock to Jebel Jais which stands 1934 m tall. This mountain peak will allow you to perform some adventurous activities including trekking and zip lining. Otherwise, one can simply pass his time by feasting his eyes on the sights ahead of him.

  1. Hatta Mountains

One more interesting site in the Al Hajar Mountains happens to be the Hatta Mountains. This one has reputation for the desert as well as the rugged terrain. Apart from this, it’ll be a good idea to go to the Hatta Heritage Village known for housing an outdated mosque as well as a historic fort.

  1. Jebel Hafeet

This skyline has an altitude of 1,249 m and we also refer to it as Jebel Hafit. Besides participating in several intriguing activities, you will likewise be able to relax here in the company of your known people while enjoying the scenic beauty as well.

How to reach Al Hajar Mountains

It will be a good idea to take the help of a taxi or bus in case you are planning to reach the Al Hajar Mountains from the city of Dubai. The entire journey will take approximately six hours.

Best time to visit

It’ll be a sensible idea to come to the aforementioned mountain range between the months of October and April. This is because one will be able to enjoy comparatively cool temperatures during this time of the year. Here, we like to mention that there can be a drastic fall in temperature even during the summer months.

Always remain safe

  • It will not be a sensible idea to head out to the canyons during the rainy season when the condition is rather cloudy. It is because the canyons often experience flash floods, particularly during rainfall.
  • Always bear in mind that this area might not provide you with adequate mobile phone coverage. Therefore, you need to be prepared beforehand.
  • It is virtually impossible to find out any shops or individuals in this area. Because of this, make sure to bring your water and food items along with you.
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